Purification Media

Fluoride Removal Media (DeF)

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Pure Easy DeF is a novel water purification media specialized in removing fluoride. Its inorganic micro-structures provide large specific surface and porosity. Ca-Fe-Al complex-polymers formed on DeF's high porosity surface have strong absorbability and chelating effect on fluoride, effectively reducing fluoride concentration in water from up to 14ppm to below 1ppm. 


Grain diameter

1.0-1.5 mm

Bulk density

0.9 g/cm3

Capacity per gram of DeF

40mg F-   (8L for 5ppm 

influent fluoride)


Activated alumina

Silicon dioxide

Aluminum oxide

Physical State

Solid grain


Beige and white

Fluoride Removal

·       Reduces fluoride level to below 1 ppm*

·       Backwashing extends media life


·       Municipal water treatment

·       Commercial water treatment

·       Household water treatment

·       Safe to mix with other filter media

Optimal Handling Condition

·       Filter flow rate: <0.5 L/min

·       Input fluoride concentration: <5 ppm

·       Media quantity: >200 g

 *Effectiveness vary depending on flow rate, input concentration, and amount of media used.

Packaging Dimensions


Corrugated barrel

Specific Weight

900 kg/m3

Barrel Dimension

33 x 33 x 47 cm

Net Weight

25 kg

Gross Weight

27 kg







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