Purification Media

Arsenic Removal Media (DeAs)

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Pure Easy DeAs is a novel water purification media specialized in removing arsenic. DeAs is a congregation of numerous inorganic micro-structures with large specific surface and porosity. Fe-polymers formed on these structures have strong absorbability and chelating effect on arsenic, effectively reducting arsenic concentration in water from up to 470 ppb to less than 1 ppb.  


Grain diameter

1.0-1.5 mm

Bulk density

0.9 g/cm3

Capacity per gram of DeAs

4mg As3+ (40L at 0.1ppm  influent arsenic)


Ferric oxide

Silicon dioxide

Aluminum oxide

Physical State

Solid grain


Reddish brown and beige

Arsenic Removal

·       Reduces arsenic level to below 0.01 ppm*

·       Backwashing extends media life


·       Municipal water treatment

·       Commercial water treatment

·       Household water treatment

·       Safe to mix with other filter media

Optimal Handling Condition

·       Filter flow rate: <0.5 L/min

·       Input arsenic concentration: <100 ppb

·       Media quantity: >200 g

*Effectiveness vary depending on flow rate, influent concentration, and amount of media used.

Packaging Dimensions


Corrugated barrel

Specific Weight

900 kg/m3

Barrel Dimension

33 x 33 x 47 cm

Net Weight

25 kg

Gross Weight

27 kg







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