Purification Media
Fluoride Removal Media
Model: DeF
Bulk Density: 900kg/m³
Grain Size: 1.0-1.5mm
Purification Capacity: 40g F¯ per kg DeF
Minimum Bed Thickness: 4cm
Color: Beige and white
More Information:
Product details

Pure Easy DeF is a novel water purification media specialized in removing fluoride. Its inorganic micro-structures provide large specific surface and porosity. Ca-Fe-Al complex-polymers formed on DeF's high porosity surface have strong absorbability and chelating effect on fluoride, effectively reducing fluoride concentration in water from up to 14ppm to below 1ppm.  

Effectiveness vs. Handling Conditions:


Media weight (kg)

Influent F- concentration (ppm)

Flow rate (L/hr)
Effluent F- concentration (ppm)
Purification capacity (m3)
 0.24.5 6 <1 2
 0.3 5.8 4 <1 2.5


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