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Our Expertise

Founded in 2006, Pure Easy is an industry-leading manufacturer of environment-friendly water treatment media, ceramic filters, portable / outdoor water treatment systems and household water treatment systems. Our patented ceramic membrane filters and NMC purification media are some of the most efficient technologies for small scale drinking water treatment. Our R&D department is headed by senior water treatment experts with 10+ years of research experiences at the Inorganic Membrane Laboratory of South China University of Technology (SCUT). Our expertise helps clients efficiently build cost-effective water supply / purification solutions tailored to otherwise expensive and time-consuming water quality problems. Our own water quality lab is capable of testing over 50 water quality items and is responsible for regular testing of microbiological and chemical indicators as a critical quality control process.

Ceramic Membrane Filters

Our patented ceramic membrane filters specialize in micro-ultra filtration and provides 99.9999% bacteria reduction for 0.1 micron filtration fineness. Applications for our ceramic membrane filters includes personal water filters for outdoor activities / military equipment, POU water treatment systems such as faucet mount water filters and gravity water filters. 

Water Treatment Media

Our patented NMC media has with high specific surface and porosity more than 100 times than that of KDF™ media. With enough contact time, it can effectively remove soluble contaminants such as heavy metals, organic chemicals,and disinfectant by-products. Its high redox capability also inhibits microorganisms growth and reproduction, and is often used to disinfect and extend the lifespan of activated carbon. Its applications includes fillings for ceramic filter, shower filters, small scale filter media cartridges, and high capacity sand filters.

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid 

Our team is dedicated to developing the safest and most efficient ceramic filters and filter media to those without access to safe drinking water around the world. Our products are delivered to more than 70 countries and regions around the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Aside from our business with the private sector, we also have extensive experience working with government agencies and NGOs for fast response disaster relief and humanitarian aid projects. 

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