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Team Portable Water Filter
Model: PF211
Filter Lifespan:10000 L
Flow Rate: 4L/min
Source Water: Fresh water
Size: D15×45 cm
Weight: 2.7kg
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Product details

Pure Easy Team portable Water Filter PF211 provides up to 10000 liters of safe (exceeds USEPA standards), drinkable water at 4 liters per minute. PF211 is built from 304 stainless steel and is one of the most durable water filters available. Its patented ceramic membrane cartridge provides laboratory certified filtration effectiveness of 6 log (99.9999%) bacteria reduction. It’s a good choice for campers, hikers, emergency relief workers, military, etc.

Field-tested Longevity

· Up to 10000 liters of laboratory certified safe drinking water

· Easy to maintain filter cartridge

· Complete 304 stainless steel construct


Patented Multi-stage Filter

· Pre-filter screen prevents large particulates from clogging the filter

· Ceramic filters out sediments, rust, suspensions, solid particulate matter and microorganisms

· NMC filter media removes heavy metals, residual microorganisms, and organic chemicals


Laboratory certified performance

· 99.9999% bacteria removal

· 99.99% protozoan cysts removal

· 99% turbidity removal

· 0.1 micron ceramic cartridge

· Removes heavy metal ions

· Removes organic chemicals

· Improves taste

· 99.99% virus reduction filter available upon request


Using Instructions

· Use the filter to pump filtered water from any source (lake, pond, river, puddle) directly into clean cups, bottles or hydration packs, removing 99.9999% of bacteria; 99.99% of protozoa, heavy metals, organic chemicals and other contaminates. 

· Clean the filter cartridge surface with clean water and apply the provided abrasive paper if visible buildup is present.

· Dry the filter, reassemble and store in the included storage pouch until next use.


Replacement Filter

· Filter cartridge needs to be replaced after its 10000L capacity is reached.

· Recommended replacement time is 12months of regular use

· Seek replacement filter is any breakage, cracks, or holes appear on the ceramic surface

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