Shower Filters
Shower Water Filter
Model: SF101
Filter Lifespan: 50,000 liters
Recommended Flow Rate: 6L/min (1.5GPM)
Source Water: Tap water
Size: D7.3X13.2cm
Weight: 395g
More Information:
Product details

Removes residual chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and hardness.
Restores natural softness to hair, scalp and skin.


· Protects hair and skin from disinfectant byproducts such as chlorine and chloramine

· Softens water

· Removes other toxic chemicals such as benzene.

Technical Data: 
Output: ≥6L/min
Capacity: Approx. 50,000 liters (depending on water condition
Working Pressure: 0.1~0.4MPa (1-4 bar / 14.5psi-58psi)
Operating Temperature range: 4℃~85℃
Weight: Approx. 395g
Dimensions: φ7.3X13.2cm
Material: NMC,Multi porous fiber,Non-phosphor soften micro balls, Activated tourmaline crystal


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