Portable / Outdoors
Travel Water Filter
Model: PF114-A
Filter Lifespan: 5000L
Flow rate: 0.4L/min
Source of Water: Fresh water
Size: D9× 21.5cm
Weight: 310g
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Product details

Pure Easy PF114A provides up to 5000 liters of safe (exceeds USEPA standards), drinkable water at 0.4 liters per minute. PF114-A is built from high quality, impact resistant Tritan™ plastic and is completely BPA free. Its patented ceramic membrane cartridge provides laboratory certified filtration effectiveness of 6 log (99.9999%) bacteria reduction. It's a good choice for campers, hikers, emergency relief workers, military, etc.

Field-tested Longevity

·       Up to 5000 liters of laboratory certified safe drinking water

·       Easy to maintain filter cartridge

·       Impact resistant Tritan bottle


Patented Multi-stage Filter

·       Pre-filter screen prevents large particulates from clogging the filter

·       Ceramic filters out sediments, rust, suspensions, solid particulate matter and microorganisms

·       NMC filter media removes heavy metals, residual microorganisms, and organic chemicals

·       Carbon filter improves taste


Laboratory certified performance

·       99.9999% bacteria removal

·       99.99% protozoan cysts removal

·       99% turbidity removal

·       0.1 micron ceramic cartridge

·       Removes heavy metal ions

·       Removes organic chemicals

·       Improves taste


Using Instructions

·       Use the filter to pump filtered water from any fresh water source (lake, pond, river, puddle) directly into clean cups, bottles or hydration packs, removing 99.9999% of bacteria; 99.99% of protozoa, heavy metals, organic chemicals and other contaminates. 

·       Clean the filter cartridge surface with clean water and apply the provided abrasive paper if visible buildup is present.

·       Dry the filter, reassemble and store in the included storage pouch until next use.


Replacement Filter

·       Filter cartridge needs to be replaced after its 5000L capacity is reached.

·       Recommended replacement time is 10 months of regular use

·       Seek replacement filter is any breakage, cracks, or holes appear on the ceramic surface

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