Portable / Outdoors
Gravity Bag Water Filter
Model: PF511
Filter Lifespan: 7,000 liters
Flow Rate: 6L/hr
Source Water: Fresh water
Size: D19×58cm
Weight: 420g
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99.99% bacteria and protozoan cysts reduction rate, no electricity or pressurization required. Easy to assemble and clean. Most suitable for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

· C1 Common Interface compatible design (see C1_Product_Guide for more info)
· No electricity or pressurization required for operation
· Removes 99.99% bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and other microorganisms
· Retains beneficial minerals and trace-elements in water
· Easy to assemble, use and clean
· Designed for humanitarian aid


· Microorganisms (99.99% reduction)· Turbidity (99.9% reduction)· Chemicals (with filter media)
· Bacteria · Rust· Residual chlorine
· Giardia and Cryptosporidium· Algae· Heavy metals
· Parasite· Sediment· Pesticide
· Worm· Other suspended solids· Benzene and other organic pollutants


· Bag material: TPU

· Total capacity: 10L

· Flow rate: 6L/hr

· Filter lifespan:  up to 7000L 

· Assembled size: D19×58cm

· Travel size: 12×16×32cm

· Weight: 420g

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