Built-in Membrane Ceramic Filter

Built-in membrane ceramic filter is an effective, safe and innovative point-of-use ceramic filter. The term "built-in memebrane" indicates the control layer membrane formed inside the ceramic filter wall. 


Control Layer Membrane

Unlike conventional ceramic filters, built-in membrane ceramic filter relies not on depth filtration, but on the control layer membrane to separate particles larger than 0.2 μm in diameter. While conventional depth filtration occationally allow particles larger than the claimed filtration fineness to pass through, dual membranes ceramic filter does not, giving it the best microorganisms reduction rate (99.99% bacteria reduction and 99.99% protozoan cysts reduction) among other ceramic filters. 


Cross-section comparison of control layer membrane and depth filtration filter (1000x)

The SEM images above show that built-in membane ceramic filter has higher filtration fineness compared to depth filtraton. 


Size of common waterborne pathogens

The chart above shows the size of some common waterborne bacteria, fungus and protozoan cysts.



· Filtration fineness 0.2μm
· 99.99% bacteria reduction rate
· Made from 100% diatomite 
· Cleanable surface
· 2000 - 10000L capacity (depending of filter size and water quality)
Suitable for: Point-of-use water filtration system, faucet mount water filter, gravity water filter.

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