Fluoride Removal Media


Pure Easy DeF is a novel water purification media specialized in removing fluoride. Its inorganic micro-structures provide large specific surface and porosity. Ca-Fe-Al complex-polymers formed on DeF's high porosity surface have strong absorbability and chelating effect on fluoride, effectively reducing fluoride concentration in water from up to 14ppm to below 1ppm.  



·  Municipal water treatment

·  Commercial water treatment

·  Point-of-use water filters

·  Safe to mix with other filter media

Effectiveness vs. Handling Conditions:


Media weight (kg)

Influent F- concentration(ppm)

Flow rate (L/hr)
Effluent F- concentration (ppm)
Purification capacity (m3)
 0.24.5 6 <1 2
 0.3 5.8 4 <1 2.5


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